Debian Popularity Contest

The popularity contest project is an attempt to map the usage of Debian packages. This site publishes the statistics gathered from report sent by users of the popularity-contest package. This package sends every week the list of packages installed and the access time of relevant files to the server via email. Every day the server anonymizes the result and publishes this survey. For more information, read the README and the FAQ.

To participate in this survey, install the popularity-contest package.

Popcon statistics for source package

First package in section non-free for fields: firmware-misc-nonfre firmware-iwlwifi firmware-misc-nonfre firmware-misc-nonfre firmware-linux-nonfr

Statistics by subsections sorted by fields

First package in subsections for fields

subsection       : inst                 vote                 old                  recent               no-files             
admin            : broadcom-sta-source  greenbone-security-a lmbench              lmbench              broadcom-sta-source  
base             : zd1211-firmware      zd1211-firmware      zd1211-firmware      zd1211-firmware      zd1211-firmware      
comm             : openzwave-controlpan drdsl                openzwave-controlpan asterisk-prompt-es   asterisk-prompt-es   
database         : pgcharts             pgcharts             pgcharts             pgcharts             pgcharts             
debug            : libfdk-aac0-dbg      libfdk-aac0-dbg      libfdk-aac0-dbg      libfdk-aac0-dbg      libfdk-aac0-dbg      
devel            : nvidia-profiler      nvidia-cuda-toolkit  nvidia-profiler      nvidia-profiler      nsight-compute-targe 
doc              : gcc-10-doc           bison-doc            libcupti-doc         libcupti-doc         gcc-10-doc           
editors          : emacs-common-non-dfs axe                  axe                  axe                  emacs-common-non-dfs 
electronics      : eagle                eagle                eagle                eagle                eagle-data           
fonts            : fonts-ubuntu         fonts-ubuntu         t1-xfree86-nonfree   fonts-ubuntu         ttf-xfree86-nonfree  
games            : steamcmd             steamcmd             steamcmd             steamcmd             mame-extra           
gnome            : nautilus-dropbox     nautilus-dropbox     nautilus-dropbox     nautilus-dropbox     nautilus-dropbox     
gnu-r            : r-cran-rjsonio       r-cran-rjsonio       r-cran-rjsonio       r-cran-rjsonio       r-cran-rjsonio       
graphics         : icc-profiles         cuneiform            cuneiform            cuneiform-common     icc-profiles         
hamradio         : 
httpd            : 
interpreters     : 
java             : nvidia-openjdk-8-jre sun-java6-bin        nvidia-openjdk-8-jre nvidia-openjdk-8-jre sun-java6-jre        
kernel           : nvidia-kernel-dkms   nvidia-kernel-dkms   nvidia-kernel-dkms   nvidia-kernel-dkms   nvidia-kernel-suppor 
libdevel         : nvidia-cuda-dev      nvidia-cuda-dev      nvidia-cuda-dev      libcupti-dev         nvidia-opencl-dev    
libs             : nvidia-alternative   nvidia-alternative   libfaac0             nvidia-alternative   nvidia-legacy-check  
lisp             : 
mail             : qmail-src            ezmlm-src            qmail-src            mush                 pine-docs            
math             : pgplot5              pgplot5              pgplot5              metis-edf            bugsx                
metapackages     : libmkl-meta-interfac libmkl-meta-computat libmkl-meta-computat libmkl-meta-computat intel-mkl            
misc             : virtualbox-guest-add libmkl-locale        libmkl-locale        libmkl-locale        virtualbox-guest-add 
net              : snmp-mibs-downloader snmp-mibs-downloader snmp-mibs-downloader snmp-mibs-downloader madwifi-source       
news             : trn4                 trn4                 trn4                 nntpcache            nntpcache            
ocaml            : 
oldlibs          : ttf-ubuntu-font-fami fasttracker2         fasttracker2         fasttracker2         ttf-ubuntu-font-fami 
otherosfs        : hfsprogs             hfsprogs             hfsprogs             hfsprogs             spectrum-roms        
perl             : libmath-random-perl  libxml-compile-soap- libxml-compile-soap- libxml-compile-soap- libmath-random-perl  
php              : php-horde-text-filte php-horde-text-filte php-horde-text-filte php-horde-javascript php-horde-javascript 
python           : python3-hijra        python3-hijra        python3-pynliner     python3-drf-yasg-non python3-okasha-examp 
ruby             : 
science          : fsl-5.0-core         fsl-5.0-core         fsl-5.0-core         arb-common           fsl-core             
sound            : faac                 midisport-firmware   faac                 faac                 mbrola-en1           
tex              : foiltex              lgrind               lgrind               abc2mtex             foiltex              
text             : acroread             acroread             acroread             acroread             office2003-schemas   
utils            : unrar                unrar                unrar                unrar                nvidia-smi           
video            : nvidia-vdpau-driver  intel-media-va-drive nvidia-vdpau-driver  intel-media-va-drive nvidia-vdpau-driver  
web              : libapache2-mod-fastc libapache2-mod-fastc libapache2-mod-fastc fex-utils            sun-java6-plugin     
x11              : xserver-xorg-video-n xserver-xorg-video-n nvidia-driver-bin    nvidia-driver-bin    nvidia-driver        

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number of people who use this package regularly
number of people who installed, but don't use this package regularly
number of people who upgraded this package recently
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