Debian Popularity Contest

The popularity contest project is an attempt to map the usage of Debian packages. This site publishes the statistics gathered from report sent by users of the popularity-contest package. This package sends every week the list of packages installed and the access time of relevant files to the server via email. Every day the server anonymizes the result and publishes this survey. For more information, read the README and the FAQ.

To participate in this survey, install the popularity-contest package.

Popcon statistics for source package

First package in section contrib for fields: iucode-tool iucode-tool iucode-tool iucode-tool glx-alternative-mesa

Statistics by subsections sorted by fields

First package in subsections for fields

subsection       : inst                 vote                 old                  recent               no-files             
admin            : zfsutils-linux       zfsutils-linux       zfs-zed              zfs-zed              open-vm-source       
comm             : bladerf-firmware-fx3 bladerf-firmware-fx3 series60-remote      bladerf-firmware-fx3 bladerf-firmware-fx3 
debug            : pidgin-skype-dbg     python-pycuda-dbg    pidgin-skype-dbg     pidgin-skype-dbg     zfs-dbg              
devel            : repo                 repo                 repo                 repo                 google-android-ndk-i 
doc              : gcc-doc-base         beast-mcmc-doc       beast-mcmc-doc       beast-mcmc-doc       gcc-doc-base         
editors          : 
electronics      : easyspice            easyspice            easyspice            easyspice            easyspice            
fonts            : ttf-mscorefonts-inst ttf-mscorefonts-inst ttf-mscorefonts-inst ttf-mscorefonts-inst fonts-ibm-plex       
games            : lutris               lutris               lutris               lutris               crafty-books-medtosm 
gnome            : 
gnu-r            : 
graphics         : isight-firmware-tool isight-firmware-tool isight-firmware-tool isight-firmware-tool em8300-source        
hamradio         : 
interpreters     : python-cdb           python-cdb           python-cdb           python-cdb           python-cdb           
java             : vnc-java             vnc-java             vnc-java             libgrinvin-core-java libgrinvin-core-java 
javascript       : mathjax-siunitx      mathjax-siunitx      mathjax-siunitx      mathjax-siunitx      mathjax-siunitx      
kde              : kfolding             kfolding             kfolding             kfolding             kfolding             
kernel           : nvidia-kernel-common nvidia-kernel-common nvidia-kernel-common virtualbox-dkms      firmware-b43-install 
libdevel         : libzfslinux-dev      libopenvr-dev        libzfslinux-dev      libzfslinux-dev      libcaffe-cuda-dev    
libs             : glx-alternative-mesa libnvpair3linux      glx-alternative-nvid libzpool5linux       glx-alternative-mesa 
lisp             : cl-sql-oracle        cl-sql-oracle        x-pgp-sig-el         cl-sql-oracle        cl-sql-oracle        
mail             : muttdown             premail              muttdown             muttdown             qmhandle             
math             : dynare-matlab        dynare-matlab        dynare-matlab        dynare-matlab        libmagma-doc         
metapackages     : spl-dkms             spl-dkms             spl-dkms             spl-dkms             spl                  
misc             : nvidia-installer-cle nvidia-support       nvidia-installer-cle nvidia-installer-cle virtualbox-ext-pack  
net              : pidgin-skype-common  geoipupdate          pidgin-skype-common  sabnzbdplus          pidgin-skype         
news             : 
ocaml            : libfdkaac-ocaml      libfdkaac-ocaml-dynl libfdkaac-ocaml      libfdkaac-ocaml      libfdkaac-ocaml      
oldlibs          : microcode.ctl        microcode.ctl        microcode.ctl        microcode.ctl        microcode.ctl        
otherosfs        : winetricks           winetricks           winetricks           winetricks           winetricks           
perl             : libdbd-oracle-perl   libdbd-oracle-perl   libifeffit-perl      libdbd-oracle-perl   libdbd-oracle-perl   
python           : torbrowser-launcher  torbrowser-launcher  torbrowser-launcher  torbrowser-launcher  firmware-microbit-mi 
ruby             : ruby-graphiql-rails  ruby-graphiql-rails  ruby-graphiql-rails  ruby-graphiql-rails  ruby-spamcheck       
science          : caffe-tools-cuda     openrocket           caffe-tools-cuda     openrocket           astrometry-data-2mas 
sound            : alsa-firmware-loader alsa-firmware-loader mbrola               mbrola               festvox-rablpc16k    
tex              : 
text             : hannah-foo2zjs       hannah-foo2zjs       hannah-foo2zjs       hannah-foo2zjs       opendict-plugins-lin 
utils            : iucode-tool          iucode-tool          iucode-tool          iucode-tool          bumblebee-nvidia     
video            : casparcg-server      casparcg-server      casparcg-server      casparcg-server      xvba-va-driver       
web              : flashplugin-nonfree  flashplugin-nonfree  flashplugin-nonfree  pepperflashplugin-no browser-plugin-fresh 
x11              : update-glx           nvidia-settings      update-glx           update-glx           msttcorefonts        

number of people who installed this package
number of people who use this package regularly
number of people who installed, but don't use this package regularly
number of people who upgraded this package recently
number of people whose entry didn't contain enough information (atime and ctime were 0)