Debian Popularity Contest

The popularity contest project is an attempt to map the usage of Debian packages. This site publishes the statistics gathered from report sent by users of the popularity-contest package. This package sends every week the list of packages installed and the access time of relevant files to the server via email. Every day the server anonymizes the result and publishes this survey. For more information, read the README and the FAQ.

To participate in this survey, install the popularity-contest package.

Popcon statistics for source package

First package in section main for fields: adduser perl-base tasksel-data nano debconf-i18n

Statistics by subsections sorted by fields

First package in subsections for fields

subsection       : inst                 vote                 old                  recent               no-files             
admin            : adduser              libpam-runtime       tasksel-data         systemd-timesyncd    cron-daemon-common   
base             : diff                 diff                 klogd                diff                 diff                 
cli-mono         : mono-gac             mono-runtime         libmono-i18n4.0-cil  libmono-btls-interfa cli-common           
comm             : usb-modeswitch-data  modemmanager         usb-modeswitch       usb-modeswitch       asterisk-sounds-main 
database         : mysql-common         mariadb-common       sqlite3              mariadb-common       mysql-common         
debug            : libc6-dbg            libc6-dbg            libc6-dbg            libc6-dbg            libc6-dbg            
devel            : distro-info-data     desktop-file-utils   binutils             linux-libc-dev       distro-info-data     
doc              : manpages             man-db               install-info         man-db               manpages             
editors          : vim-common           emacsen-common       vim-tiny             nano                 libreoffice-help-com 
education        : artikulate           artikulate           artikulate           artikulate           scratch              
electronics      : avrdude              avrdude              arduino              kicad                kicad-symbols        
embedded         : tsconf               openocd              openocd              openocd              tsconf               
fonts            : fontconfig-config    fontconfig-config    fontconfig           fonts-opensymbol     xfonts-encodings     
games            : gnome-sudoku         steam-devices        lightsoff            gnome-sudoku         fortunes-it          
gnome            : gsettings-desktop-sc gsettings-desktop-sc yelp                 libreoffice-gtk3     cups-pk-helper       
gnu-r            : r-base-core          r-base-core          r-cran-spatial       r-base-core          r-recommended        
gnustep          : gnustep-common       gnustep-base-runtime gnustep-common       gnustep-common       gnustep-back0.29     
golang           : golang-src           golang-github-contai golang-go            golang-src           golang               
graphics         : imagemagick-6-common colord               sane-utils           sane-utils           imagemagick-6-common 
hamradio         : soapysdr0.8-module-r gr-funcube           gqrx-sdr             soapysdr-tools       soapysdr0.8-module-r 
haskell          : ghc                  ghc                  ghc                  ghc                  libghc-hashable-prof 
httpd            : apache2-bin          apache2-bin          libapache2-mod-dnssd apache2-bin          nginx-full           
interpreters     : mawk                 mawk                 mawk                 cpp                  lua-lpeg             
introspection    : gir1.2-glib-2.0      gir1.2-glib-2.0      gir1.2-gst-plugins-b gir1.2-packagekitgli gir1.2-wnck-3.0      
java             : java-common          java-common          ca-certificates-java java-common          libatk-wrapper-java- 
javascript       : javascript-common    libjs-jquery         libjs-underscore     libjs-underscore     javascript-common    
kde              : libkf5codecs-data    kded5                kactivities-bin      debconf-kde-data     sonnet-plugins       
kernel           : linux-base           linux-base           firmware-linux-free  linux-image-6.1.0-22 linux-image-amd64    
libdevel         : libc6-dev            libc6-dev            libnsl-dev           zlib1g-dev           libpthread-stubs0-de 
libs             : libbz2-1.0           libc6                discover-data        libgdk-pixbuf2.0-bin libsemanage-common   
lisp             : guile-3.0-libs       guile-3.0-libs       guile-3.0-libs       guile-3.0-libs       guile-2.2-libs       
localization     : tzdata               tzdata               locales              locales              debconf-i18n         
mail             : exim4-config         exim4-base           bogofilter-common    bogofilter           exim4                
math             : bc                   bc                   lp-solve             lp-solve             gnuplot              
metapackages     : init                 steam-libs           libopenblas0         libopenblas0         init                 
misc             : ncurses-base         popularity-contest   installation-report  ca-certificates      ncurses-term         
net              : iputils-ping         openssh-client       traceroute           openssh-sftp-server  isc-dhcp-common      
news             : slrn                 slrn                 slrn                 pan                  aub                  
non-US           : lynx-ssl             lynx-ssl             lynx-ssl             afbackup-client-i    libssl09             
non-free-firmware : 
ocaml            : ocaml-interp         ocaml-base           ocaml-interp         ocaml-base           ocaml-man            
oldlibs          : libgtk2.0-common     usr-is-merged        telnet               libdbus-glib-1-2     libgtk2.0-bin        
otherosfs        : dosfstools           dosfstools           dosfstools           exfatprogs           seabios              
perl             : perl-base            perl-base            liblocale-gettext-pe liblocale-gettext-pe libhtml-parser-perl  
php              : php-common           php-common           php-pear             php-cli              php-curl             
python           : python3-minimal      python3              python3-debian       python3-idna         python-apt-common    
ruby             : ruby                 ruby                 rubygems-integration rubygems-integration ruby-dev             
rust             : libstd-rust-dev      rustc                cargo                cargo                rust-doc             
science          : coinor-libclp1       proj-bin             proj-bin             proj-bin             coinor-libcgl1       
shells           : bash                 dash                 bash-completion      bash-completion      ksh                  
sound            : sound-theme-freedesk speech-dispatcher    pulseaudio-utils     alsa-utils           pocketsphinx-en-us   
tasks            : task-ssh-server      task-albanian-deskto task-ssh-server      task-albanian-deskto task-ssh-server      
tex              : tex-common           tex-common           tex-common           untex                tipa                 
text             : less                 groff-base           wamerican            less                 libexttextcat-data   
utils            : coreutils            debianutils          laptop-detect        reportbug            readline-common      
vcs              : patch                git                  patch                patch                git-core             
video            : va-driver-all        pipewire-bin         totem                ffmpeg               va-driver-all        
web              : wget                 wget                 wget                 curl                 elinks-data          
x11              : libx11-data          libx11-data          xauth                xauth                xserver-xorg-input-a 
xfce             : libxfce4util-common  libxfce4util-common  libxfce4util-bin     libxfce4util-bin     xfce4                
zope             : python3-zope.interfa python3-zope.interfa python3-zope.interfa python3-zope.interfa python-zope.interfac 

number of people who installed this package
number of people who use this package regularly
number of people who installed, but don't use this package regularly
number of people who upgraded this package recently
number of people whose entry didn't contain enough information (atime and ctime were 0)